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Fixing a Wondermedia WM8650 Android Tablet Stuck at Uberoid Load Screen

My MID 80003W Android Tablet (Wondermedia WM8650 according to the device about screen) rooted with Uberoid stopped working when I attempted to reset it to factory defaults. It would hang during the “Uberoid” load screen during device start-up. This post walks through the steps I followed to resolve the problem. Please note, I am not an Uberoid expert and am only sharing my experiences with my specific device.

  1. Download Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRiD HoneyCombMOD v6 FiNAL from the forum posting. You’ll find the link right before the FAQ. Free registration required for forum access.
  2. Locate FAQ #1 just below the download link and follow the directions listed.
    Tip – In FAQ step #4  my device was item 6, a M80003W 8″.

After re-rooting the device with the latest Uberoid package the tablet booted past the Uberoid load screen and now works better than ever.

If your tablet fails to load past the Uberoid screen I hope these steps help clear your problem. If not, I suggest you researching the HcH TechKnow forum.

Unfortunately my MID (Mobile Internet Device) 80003W is still a glorified ebook reader because it doesn’t meet my particular needs. Anyone interested in buying it already rooted with the latest Uberoid mod? You can read about my original review here along with my experiences rooting it. I see has the MID 80003W listed as out of stock and I’m doubtful they will get more.

Pop up Windows Not Displaying in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7

Came across a strange problem at work today. A Windows 7 32bit workstation that was recently upgraded to to IE 9 started exhibiting some strange behavior. All of the pop up window links (on any website) no longer worked. Clicking on a link that should open a popup window did nothing and displayed no error message. Other browsers were unaffected and correctly displayed pop up windows.  Everything was functioning correctly for about two weeks after the upgrade so it didn’t appear to be a failed upgrade. Unfortunately by the time the problem was discovered it wasn’t possible to roll back to a system state before IE 9.

By enabling the Internet Explorer Developer Tools option (F12) I was able to see a No Such Interface Supported (NSIS) JavaScript error when I clicked on a pop up link. Googling around revealed similar problems with prior versions of IE but nothing specific to IE 9. Several suggestions to run the command “regsvr32 actxprxy.dll” didn’t work.

The problem was finally resolved by running the IE repair tool from Internet Explorer FAQ. The tool is a command script to re-register a long list of common controls that Internet Explorer depends on.  After downloading and running the correct script (Right click, run as administrator) the problem was immediately resolved.

Hope this helps someone looking for an explanation why pop up windows in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 may have stopped working.