Game Day

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Playing Bug Strife

A friend is hosting a Bug Strife table top miniatures game session at Dreamation 2012 and she needed some ‘test subjects’ to go through the game to work out the rules and game play. Game play moved along smoothly except for some deliberation over some finer points of the rules like bug stacking and allowing a single bug to carry away the entire eggplant.

My bug army advancing on the eggplant.

The bug army battlefield.

By the way, the ‘test subjects’ were AM, BR, LL, and me… not the bugs.

DiXit or “That’s It” According to My Mind

Shared an enjoyable great-bad movie night with friends and played a new game afterwards. DiXit is comparable to Apples to Apples in game play but a little bit stranger (in a good way). Game play progresses in order around the circle of participants. Each participant has a chance to by the ‘dealer’ and choose a card from their hand and describe the picture in a figurative way. Other players listen to the description and choose a card from their own hand that they think resembles the description of the dealers card. No two cards are identical. Cards are turned in to the dealer and then displayed together on the table. Each person votes for the card they think the dealer described. Points are scored based on guessing the dealer’s card or having other people guess the fake card you turned in.  As points are awarded the tokens are moved around the board. Incidentally, depending on your eye the tokens could be motorbikes or squirrels.

It’s a fun game and very easy to learn with potential limited only to the descriptive talents of the players. The enjoyment of the game peaks as the number of players and small hours of the morning increase. We didn’t find the limit but I suspect at about 3 or 4 AM enjoyment would peak and discontinuous drop in enjoyment would begin.

Labor Day ‘WoW’

World of Warcraft Board Game

Had a wonderful Labor Day with LL, BR, and AM. The game was a learning experience. I knew there was a reason the chain mail I was wearing was so itchy (my character was only capable of cloth armor). By the Time LL and I got out characters in working order BR and AM had strategized, powered up, and were making quick work of conquering their quests. After 7+ hours and lots of conversation BR and AM were declared the winners after LL and I were beat to a pulp by a plastic mushroom looking figure (it was much more terrifying in person).

Despite prior defeats I look forward to another adventure even if it turns into a desperate scramble for survival :)


Friends Lost After Cataan Game

The subject is an accurate fact but a bit sensational on my part. Actually, they moved away.

BC, SH, VA, TN, JB, MA had one last late night game of Cataan. MA almost walked away with the victory but beginners luck (and a little underhanded under-the-table trading between BC and SH) sent BC home as the new super power on the dinky island of Cataan.

No, they didn’t move as a result of losing the game :)

Dominion – It’s What Time At Night?!

AM and I spent the day hanging out, a couple days, err I mean hours at Barnes and Nobel, a trip to the movies to see IronMan 2, home made quesadilla for dinner, and a wrap-up game of Dominon. ‘T’ joined us for the game and before we knew it midnight was just a few measly minutes away.

AM walked away with the victory and beginners luck was on T’s side. He was really getting into it – might be an exciting guy to play Risk with. Good times, good times.